Condom Head. to the extreme! (just4usim) wrote in maison_du_mode,
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who are you?- Lindsay. You know. that crazy white girl with braces and glasses.
where are you?-el cajon, at my house.
what are you?- white. a girl. crazy.
favorite food?- i dunno... chicken.
what is your favorite thing to do?- sit on my ass all day and wallow in my self-pity.
5 favorite movies- rocky horror picture show. little shop of horrors. adaptation. peter pan. requiem to a dream.
5 favorite bands- gah! yewgfuyhsdgfi.
protmote this somewhere- okie dokie.
favorite quote- "i would not do the make up i do for a show for the day time. i would walk around looking like a bad queen. your mom had to have taught you that."
post at least one picture- you all know what i look like... ldfkjg. i will later. when i have a newer picture on here. :D.
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