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who are you?- whitney
where are you?- san diego, CA
what are you?- punxkxnsdskdmjgc loooolz jay kay. um bored, gimme a ride to the career soldiers show, now.
favorite food?- pasta
what is your favorite thing to do?- get intoxicated at shows.
5 favorite movies- a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, requiem for a dream, half baked, spun
5 favorite bands- bleeding through, lowerclass brats, nekromantix, stray cats, ummmm andre nikatina ahahaha. =)
protmote this somewhere- why_control_me
favorite quote- "'which way do i take' 'where do you want to go' 'i dont know' '..then..it doesnt matter'"
post at least one picture-

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OMGz i zay yezz most def!
you can take the bus to the che from the old town trolly station. and yes, even though i hate sid and nancy, horrible movie.

dont go to shows
ew wtf?!?!